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Our grandfather, Frank DePizzo grew up in Colobraro, which is in the southern region of Italy, known as Basilica, where he learned how to make these authentic Italian sausage products from his ancestors. 


In 1920, our grandfather migrated to the United States when he was 20 years old and began to share these delicious sausage products with his friends and family. The recipe was then handed down to his son, Guy who continued the tradition of making and sharing these products with friends and family and then started to sell them in his local grocery store.


These products became so popular with customers, friends and family that we decided to concentrate on selling these products so everyone could enjoy them.  We have expanded our product line to also include Kielbasa and most recently we have added wine to our product offerings.


Our fresh products and wine are available locally only - Currently our kielbasa and sausage are available in several Giant Eagle stores, local restaurants and our production facility. Wine is available in our production facility.

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